Reading Cameras with Cameradojo

Reading comprehensive reviews from Becoming an informed buyer of photography tools, courtesy of Cameradojo Using appropriate cameras after reading a review from Reviews help a lot. And if youre a photographer who is on the hunt of the latest trends in photography, it is imperative that you read these reviews before you start […]

Preset Collections for Your Wedding Photography

Offering specific enhancements to your wedding pics from an online photography shop List of presets for your wedding photography Creating photography masterpieces via Lightroom presets Your wedding day is in its final stages. You have already made your rounds at the reception. Almost all of the guests are heading into the exits. You can probably […]

Being a Photographer with Photoshop Actions

Interactive tools from Photoshop for your photo editing Turning static images into images with that “action” feel with Photoshop Collection of Photoshop actions free on the web Ever since these Photoshop actions came into the photography scene, most of these photos online has gone sophisticated and technically artistic compared to those manually produced, darkroom-enhanced pictures. […]

Lightroom Presets for Your Weddings Pics

A collection of presets from Lightroom 6 for your wedding photos Creating a variety of effects on your photo with Lightroom presets Retaining your original photo image despite employing enhancements from Lightroom 6 Lightroom has some of the best presets you can use for your photos. A notch higher than Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 presets […]

Cool Templates for Your Date Cards  

Hip “save the date” templates for your dating cards A list of diversified card template from Infoparrot Card templates with cool designs to make your date interesting Going out for a date is an electrifying experience. But a date, no matter how casual at times, should be planned at least. And one of the ways […]

Your Photos with Sleeklens’ Presets  

Online photo-editing shop from Denmark, offering presets and brushes for your photos Enhancing your photos like that of a professional with Sleeklens’ collection of Lightroom presets Presets for beginners, intermediate and professionals in the works There’s a lot of companies online that offer photo-enhancing solutions for your pictures. Although these companies offer different types of […]

Filtering the Spots via Lightroom

Editing photos made easy with Lightroom filters Intensifying the luminosity of your picture through Lightroom filters Presets that designers and developers use Editing photos is not an easy task. In the field of moving pictures, for example, those who do edits has a unique position in the development of that film. A film editor is […]

Photoshop Actions: It’s Not That Difficult As You Think

Some people are having difficulty understanding photoshop actions. It is widely used to enhance or improve images. The process of making or recording photoshop action is very easy. In general, Photoshop action is one of the best features of Adobe Photoshop. It can turn your dull images into something great and stylish. So if you […]